I was scanning Twitter at the beginning of the year, and I came across a tweet about something called Creative Missions. I went to the website and discovered that Creative Missions is an organization that takes a group of 30 creative professionals on an annual mission trip to help under-resourced churches create “sustainable solutions that engage their communities with the gospel.” This year was the 5th year for Creative Missions, and the chosen city for this year’s trip was Boise, ID.

As a web developer, I have served as the webmaster for my church’s website for over a decade, and I’ve always thought how great it would be to help other churches with their websites. I never knew something like this existed until this year, so as soon as the application for the 2015 trip went live, I applied. I just wish I had known about it before this year.

I was really excited when I got an email on March 25 with my formal invitation to be a part of Creative Missions. I have been on other mission trips where we did things like build houses, paint churches, run vacation bible schools, etc., but this was different. This would be an opportunity to use my talents to serve God’s kingdom beyond my home church, and I couldn’t wait to be a part of it.

The trip was May 16-22. I arrived in Boise the evening of the 16th and was greeted at the airport by 3 of the 4 other members of my team for the week. It was great to be with like-minded people who had a heart for using their creative and technical abilities to serve churches in Boise. In total, there were 22 people on this trip divided into 4 teams serving 11 churches.

Our team served 3 churches: Christ Presbyterian Church, North End Collective Church, and Boise Mustard Seed. All 3 churches were very different in how the approached the process of being a church, but they all shared in common that they were faithful congregations led by faithful men and women seeking to glorify God and fulfill his calling on their lives and their churches. I was humbled to have the opportunity to serve these churches as they pursued an unwavering commitment to serve the Lord.

By the numbers

According to this article, the 4 teams provided approximately:

  • 10 website designs or redesigns
  • 12 logos, branding packages and/or style guides
  • 3 new social accounts setup & branded
  • 6 videos
  • 27 total number of print designs (business cards, letterhead, etc.)
  • 14 signs
  • 10 coaching, strategy and/or training sessions (social, tech, general communications)
  • 5 AVL upgrades or troubleshooting
  • 3 photography/photo shoots
  • 4 email newsletter designs/redesigns
  • 1 stage design
  • 2 ProPresenter or presentation system software design/install
  • 11 Churches served
  • 22 Creative missionaries

A conservative estimate based on the amount of hours worked during the week is that the teams provided $45,000 in free labor and services to the churches in the Boise area.

I was truly inspired by the diverse and incredibly talented group of individuals who gave a week of their time to serve churches in Boise. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to take part in this trip, and I hope I get to continue to be a part of Creative Missions for years to come.


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