A year ago, I learned about an organization called Creative Missions, whose mission is to “pair media professionals with under-resourced churches, creating sustainable solutions that engage their communities with the gospel.” My first experience with Creative Missions was Creative Missions 2015 in Boise, ID.

I believe that God uses each of us with the gifts and abilities we have, and we are called to be available to where He leads us in using those gifts and abilities. For me, that means using my ability to design and build websites. For years, I have been the web guy at my church, and Creative Missions provides an opportunity for me to serve other churches for the sake of the Gospel that might not otherwise have the resources to effectively communicate with their communities through modern technology.

Why Vermont?

From the Creative Missions website:

A recent Gallup poll found only 23% of people in Vermont consider religion important and attend services regularly. Cities in Vermont frequently make Barna research lists—least Bible-minded and most post-Christian. In fact, Vermont ranks 48th in the nation for church attendance across all denominations with 34%. Some of the same pulpits once held by preachers like Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield, during the Great Awakening, now proclaim universalism and other teachings that fall short of the gospel.

The need in Vermont is great, but the gospel is greater. There’s a good spirit of unity among pastors and planters. The state that, in recent years, has been referred to a “church planter’s graveyard” is changing as churches are planting, surviving and thriving.

The Vermont pastors we are working with are all convinced that they are in the middle of a new awakening, eager with anticipation for the unique ways our missionaries can serve.

A pastor at one of the churches we will be serving said “I feel like I’ve neglected my people while worrying about tech and communication. You’re just in time. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of.” That sums it up for me. We are doing the work that these pastors need so they can focus on the work that they are called to.

How can you help?

First and foremost, please pray for me and the other missionaries who are going on this trip. Pray that God will remove any obstacles that might hinder anyone from participating, and pray that He will prepare our hearts and minds for the work that we will be doing.

Pray also for the churches we will be serving, that God will give them endurance to fulfill the role that God has called them to, and that He will bless the work that they are doing to help spread the Gospel in Vermont. Pray for the people of Vermont that these churches serve, that they will be open to the message that these churches bring.

If you feel led, there is also a way you can support this mission financially. The cost of the trip for each missionary is $495, and that does not include airfare. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to this trip, you can do so by going to http://sponsor.creativemissions.to and filling out the sponsorship form. Every little bit helps to offset the cost of the trip. If I raise more than $495, the rest will go toward other expenses incurred by Creative Missions.

If you are a creative professional who does graphic design, photography, videography, web design, web development, etc. and you want to be a part of Creative Missions in the future, let me know. I would love to talk with you about my experience and how you too can get involved.


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