How Christians should respond to controversy in social media

I picked an interesting week to start a blog. The week started with talk of banning the Confederate battle flag and ended with the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. In the middle there, they also ruled on Obamacare in favor of the President and his signature healthcare law. So many controversial topics to discuss in one short week! Quick, to Facebook!

Every time the controversy du jour (that means “controversy of the day” for those who haven’t seen Dumb n Dumber) happens, I can always count on certain people (conservative and liberal) to have something to say about it. Sometimes they have interesting things to say that add to the public discourse about controversial topics, but most of the time they’re just shouting in a noise factory. I used to be that guy. Admittedly, sometimes I still am.

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Creative Missions Boise Recap

I was scanning Twitter at the beginning of the year, and I came across a tweet about something called Creative Missions. I went to the website and discovered that Creative Missions is an organization that takes a group of 30 creative professionals on an annual mission trip to help under-resourced churches create “sustainable solutions that engage their communities with the gospel.” This year was the 5th year for Creative Missions, and the chosen city for this year’s trip was Boise, ID.

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